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LTOSAD: April – Bucket List

Continuing on from my last post (gosh have I been that bad posting!) this month’s theme for our Letters to Our Sons And Daughters blog circle is Bucket List.


Dear K,

Well you are quite the talker these days and have opinions on just about anything. So when I asked you what would be on your bucket list (list of things you want to do in your lifetime), there were three things that you came up with. First was to see the pyramids. Which quite honestly is on mine as well, but with recent political events and your nut allergy, I’m not exactly sure how we’d accomplish this. I’ve wanted to go to Egypt and see the pyramids ever since I was about your brother’s age, and living in a big sandy desert definitely reminds me of those dreams. Hopefully one day we can take that journey together if things settle down more.

Secondly you said you wanted to see China. Now this I have no idea where came from, other than you love to sing the Moo Shoo song from Veggie Tales. You have been singing it everywhere, and we have to remind you that you cannot yell PORK here in public. I think someone would be annoyed or upset. But you still sing the song everywhere and especially if we visit Pei Wei and get a couple different dishes for Daddy and Mommy. You on the other hand, do not even EAT Chinese food. Your slight allergy to soy has kept us from giving you any, especially here in a land we don’t know and a medical system we don’t entirely trust with allergies like yours. So not sure where China came in there. But hey maybe we’ll visit the Great Wall someday together too! Or maybe just China Town. Get you some of that Ping Pong Squid you’ve been wanting (tee hee).

And lastly, you said you wanted to go to Great Wolf Lodge, because in your words, “We’ve never been there!” Which AGAIN its not we’ve never, it’s we haven’t been in a long time. Because we have gone. Five times in fact if I think I can count correctly. You have the MagicQuest wand and compass to prove it and I have quite a few terrible photos as well. Humidity is not my friend, although I think our last adventure I did use the water camera…hmmm…see if I can find evidence of that trip….

So now its my turn to say some of the things I hope will be on your bucket list, or at least are on my list for you! Firstly, that you be able to get treatment/outgrow your nut allergy. This is one of my greatest wishes for you- to not have to deal with the life and death wondering of what traces of nuts MIGHT be in food and not being able to trust people who give you things. I know they are working on it now and its not there yet and haven’t had superstar results but I pray that God will enable the doctors who are working on this (many with allergy kids of their own) to have wisdom and understanding that only he can provide into this very scary and complicated immune response. I pray you don’t have any major reactions at all or at least until you are old enough to be able to understand what is going on. We have made it this far but I only consider that a blessing of God and not anything that we can claim. I ask that you ALWAYS carry the epipens with you, even when its not cool, even when its a pain. I’ve read too many horror stories and they all share the same factor, there was no epipen there. So please, for your sake, wear cargo pants!!

Next I would say to go camping, but oh wait…we did that last summer!! Oh you boys had such a blast and its something that I hope we get to do a lot of in the future. It was so nice for you to “unplug” and be out in nature and have adventures with your brother. I am hoping that once we go back to the USA that we will take time every year to do a little bit of that wherever we are because I think you boys need to get a little “wild” every now and then.

Disneyworld…check! Did that two years ago, the whole shebang! It was fabulous and yes it was magical. You boys were the perfect age to remember and I think you always will with fond memories. We may or may not go again (maybe with Autie Sarah) in the future but even so if not, we at least went once, and that is more than I did growing up, so you lived a blessed life already!

Travel the world, well not by our choice of places but yes, you’ve already travelled the world. Kuwait and Germany already and hopefully more in the not to distant future. You boys are a great age for travelling, if I can manage to not pack so much stuff!! Those European cars are tiny!! Just think of E sitting in the middle of the seat last time crunched between you and the big suitcase. So yes more traveling the world is in order.

And lastly I want for you to find your purpose with God. Everyone has one (or two or three,) and it is only through learning to love Him and obey that we find out our purpose is. So I pray that you grow in your love for God, that I am a good example, that we find churches and friends along the journey that help you develop that. I pray that your stubbornness can be used for His glory and that you will know that you were wonderfully made for a purpose that even I cannot see at this point. We live in a world full of sadness and full of anger and strife, I pray that we can be a light, a hope and a blessing to others as He has blessed us. He has blessed us with you, my little bucket head.




Now follow me on to my friend Sarah to see what she writes : Sarah –  here

SarahL - I love your approach to ask K what was on his list, then add your own. What fun! And I can relate to the worries over allergies- we’re still trying to figure our girl’s out. Must always have the epipen… Thanks for sharing <3

susie - You had a great approach to this! Love the pictures with the bucket! He’s a cute little dude!!!

CJ Olson - I love your list! By the way…we live in Taiwan right now and it’s a great learning experience. Thank you for your list! 🙂

carol - LOVE the bucket head! what wonderful images!!

amber - oh my – I love that second photo! and I have to agree, great wolf lodge is one of the coolest places ever for kids 🙂 we made it an annual trip when we lived in washington…now that we’ve moved, I hope my boys still remember it & eventually can go back one day. my oldest has a nut allergy as well, thank god it’s never been life threatening. i feel for you and can’t imagine the stress and fear that would cause. I hope it will get better one day <3

Kate - how fun! I love that you asked his opinion – what a creative, fun little soul he is!

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