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Snowmaggeddon | Richland WA photographer

So we arrived in Richland, WA on December 22nd, 2016. It was after a LONG 5 day drive with a u-haul, 2 kids and 2 dogs in crazy winter winds and weather. But we arrived and had a nice quiet Christmas with family here in our empty house. Then after Christmas day, we got all our household goods and I began the long process of finding “spots” to put things in our downsized home. Then the Snowmaggeddon hit! People kept saying to me, “Its never like this!” or “Enjoy it while you can it will melt soon!” But little did they or I know that this snow would go on for weeks. Just when we’d have enough sun/warmth for it to start melting, we were hit with another wave and schools were closed again! For this momma who was looking forward to having her kids in school for the first time in 2.5 years…not cool!

But we survived right (or are surviving) and after I regained my sanity through some coffee and some cookie baking, I went outside to take some photos of this historic snow. And as the sun comes out today, I am willing to even look at them and post a few. My top 5 favorites from the first snowfall:


I tried to capture the quintessential snowflake shot, but it was coming down too hard and clumpy. But I do like the texture of the blanket here in contrast!

Snow cave building was the key for kids survival apparently. All the neighbor kids were doing it and spent hours digging out…kinda like the adults with the driveways I guess!

These HUGE icicles from our roof peeked out at me from my photography studio. Even with piles of stuff in there still not sorted I was able to find the beauty in the space.

These guys had teeth! This one was about 2 inches thick. Its a good thing we have a good furnace for this crazy Richland, WA winter. The cold was almost as crazy as the snow.

Just hanging around the house…just like me!

I’m going to keep posting some more photos that I’ve taken here over the next few days. Follow my page to see what I shot next and leave me a comment and let me know how you survived the LONG hours stuck at home in the wintry weather! -Cheers!